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Nrg4U Exclusive Seminars

TOE-tal RelaxationSM

Learn a powerful toe touching technique that is totally relaxing.  This hands-on 2 hour class will teach you a systematic way of holding the toes that can bring deep relaxation, calm the nervous system, balance the body's polarities, fight edema, calm Restless Leg Syndrome, alleviate insomnia, help neuropathy, and more.  Research indicates this technique may also help prevent nausea and hair loss if done during the administration of chemotherapy. 

The technique is partner based and is easy to learn and perform.

This seminar is suitable for all levels of experience.  Includes handouts.


Energy Medicine for Animals

Energy medicine is not just for people!  Learn some basic Energy Medicine techniques to help our dog and cat friends.  Includes handouts.


Energy MENicineSM

Energy Medicine for Men

A 3 hour Energy Medicine seminar with a special focus on men's health challenges designed especially for men and the women that love them.  Topics include stress relief, heart health, sexual health, what you need to know about testosterone, maintaining your energy and keeping it balanced, and more.  Includes handouts.



"Dayz" Series Seminars

"Dayz" is Nrg4U's term for the energetic slump or daze we often find ourselves in during our normal routines each day.


90 minute demonstration seminars that reveal why we end up tuning out or tuning others out in a variety of situations and how to prevent or correct these situations.


School DayzSM

Learn how daily school life affects our children’s energies and what we can do to keep them in the best energetic place they can be.  Among other things, learn why common school practices wipe children out energetically and what can be done to correct and prevent that from happening.


Work DayzSM

It doesn’t stop when we leave school.  See how the workplace constantly affects our energies and what you can do to stay ahead of the challenges. Learn simple tricks to maintain your energy when meeting others as well as ways to avoid or get out of those late morning and midday energy slumps.



Performance DayzSM

Whether you are a teacher, lecturer, trainer, actor, dancer, or simply giving a report to the board, see how your energy systems affect everyone in the room and learn how to be at your energetic best for a presentation that will really hit home.  In addition to learning how to keep your energies buzzing, learn a simple technique to help “enchant” your audience.



Hospital DayzSM

You may be horrified to learn why hospitals are the worst place to be when you are sick.  It would almost be hard to design a place where there are more energetic pitfalls.  Knowing what to look out for could be the difference between a long or short hospital stay.  Learn some simple techniques to counter one of the worst energetic places to heal.


Basic Information Seminars

Introduction to Energy Medicine

A 2 hour Introduction to Energy Medicine. 

Attendees will learn where Eden Energy Medicine comes from, what it can do for them, where they can find practitioners, and why they should investigate this form of healing. 

Includes handouts.


5 Minutes That Will Change Your Life - Introduction to the Daily Routine

A 90 minute seminar that demonstrates and explains the purpose behind the 5 minute daily routine.  Exercises and their long term benefits are explained.  Handouts are provided and alternate exercises for those with special challenges are demonstrated as well.

This seminar is suitable for all levels of experience.



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