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Available Sessions:

General Wellness:

Wellness Coaching: (2 hours)

Individual nutrition and wellness coaching using an interdisciplinary approach where well clients are coached to stay well and others are helped to not only to recover from illness but to discover their "best selves" with a new emphasis on wellness. The role of the coach is to help the individual identify personal reasons for pursuing greater wellness, and to enhance motivation for behavior change using a variety of strategies.


General Nrg Support:

Energy Psychology: (1 hour)

Energy Psychology is Acupressure for the emotions.  Guided tapping on energy points while focusing on specific psychological problems or goals can help overcome fear, anger, guilt, shame, jealousy, post traumatic stress, and anxiety. Unwanted behaviors and habits can be changed and wanted behavior and habits can be reinforced.  Your abilty to love, succeed and enjoy life can be enhanced.

The Black Pearl Sanctuary: (1 hour)

A deeply relaxing session that melts stress away and helps invoke natural healing processes.  The Black Pearl is the Hypothalamus or the “brain’s brain.”  Points are held mainly on the neurovascular points on the head which put the client into a real state of Sanctuary.  Negative, fearful thinking is moved towards trust, inner peace, joy and safety.  The Black Pearl session also helps awaken non-ordinary dimensions of experience, enhances blood flow and strengthens the auric field. 

The Brazilian Toe Technique: (1/2 hour)

A very relaxing session using points primarily concentrated on your toes.  This technique is useful for a variety of maladies including restless leg syndrome, for calming emotional imbalances, grounding, deep relaxation, clearing toxins, neurological issues, and edema.

Studies have also shown that the Brazilian Toe Technique can reduce or eliminate hair loss and nausea if used during the administration of chemotherapy.

Harmonize the Fire: (2 hours)

This powerful technique, developed by Dr. Melanie Smith, is used to harmonize the fire element, balance the adrenals,  thyroid and chakras, shift hidden TW habits, stabilize emotional patterns, calm the mind and body and create a sense of “centeredness.” This powerful technique is unique in that it integrates and balances a number of energy systems simultaneously which can create a significant energetic shift in a short period of time. It may be used to help Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, balance hormones, emotions, adrenal fatigue, aniety, and stress reduction.

Neurolymphatic Energy Release: (1 hour)

Neurolymphatic Energy Release concentrates on neurolymphatic reflex points located mainly on the front of the torso, along the spine, and down the sides of the legs.  Rubbing and tapping them helps increase the flow of energy in your body while moving lymph and releasing toxins.  This aids the lymphatic system and overall health.  This treatment helps prevent or fight a cold coming on by flushing the lymphatic system and may be beneficial in helping to prevent lymph related cancers such as lymphoma or breast cancer.  Available as a chair or table massage.

Quickie Nrg Balancer: (1/2 to 1 hour)

This session can be quick and powerful.  It combines components of the Black Pearl Sanctuary and Neurolymphatic Release session with a mini personalized energy assessment and corrections.  It corrects many energetic imbalances, opens your energies and activates better flow throughout your body while clearing out clogged energy.

Chakra Clearing: (2 hours)

Chakras are the body's energy centers through which the life force flows, helping to maintain physical ,mental, emotional and spiritual balance.  Clearing the Chakras help restore balance and joy. Color, sound and energy work are combined for a very powerful session that is relaxing, often mystical and may even bring forward past experiences, good or bad,

Electrics Session: (2 hours)

The Electrics are a subtle energy system that interconnects with all of the other energy systems.  There are two types of electric sessions.  The first uses specific points to activate energies directly relating to the heart and nervous system for the purpose of healing.  The second uses the body's main electrical points to energize the entire system and sending energy wherever it is needed.  Reports indicate that all manner of emotional trauma may be overcome and other reports indicate that scar tissue may even heal during Electrical sessions.

Pain Reduction: (1 to 2 hours)

Energy Medicine offers more than a dozen different pain reduction techniques for pain ranging from mild to chronic.  From arthritis to fibromyalgia and migraines to sore muscles, Energy Medicine can help make you more comfortable without drugs.

Vision Improvement Techniques: (1 hour)

Learn Energy Medicine exercises that can improve your eyesight in only a few minutes a day.  Specific exercises for poor night vision, near/far sightedness and glaucoma are included.

Allergy Reduction: (2 hours)

Certain substances can cause allergic reactions because they affect the way energy flows in your body.  Corrections can be made to your energy system in the presence of an allergen to reprogram your response to that allergen.  Severe allergens may need several sessions before significant relief is achieved.

Substance Testing: (1 - 2 hours)

Ideally you only want to put things in or on your body that strengthen you.  Unfortunately many items drain your energy.  Substance Testing can be used to determine if the substances that you eat or otherwise ingest (including food, drinks, supplements, makeup, lotions, perfumes, etc.) are energetically harmful, helpful or neutral to your body.  Self and partner testing protocols will be taught and a variety of substances will be tested.  Feel free to bring items that you want tested.


Specific Health Concerns: (2.0 hours initial assessment then 1.5 hours subsequent visits)

Assessment sessions begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your energy systems to reveal your specific vulnerabilities and the possible root cause of your health concern.  Basic corrections are made and a course of action will be planned.  Corrective measures may include some of the general Nrg support sessions listed above, individualized corrections and homework.

Here's what you can expect from an Eden Energy Medicine Session:

An Eden energy medicine session aims first to identify energetic imbalances that may be  affecting your health.  Using an systematic energy tracker, nine energy systems are examined to evaluate their balance.  These systems include the Meridians, Radiant Circuits, Chakras, Celtic Weave, Electrics, Auric Field, Triple Warmer, and the Five Elements.  Using exercises developed by Donna Eden, the practitioner and client work together to correct the identified energetic imbalances.  These imbalances are monitored from session to session and homework is given to change the energetic habit into a more functional energy flow.

The imbalances are located using a form of muscle testing developed by Donna Eden known as energy testing.  When energy is imbalanced muscles will lose strength and indicate the imbalance.  Techniques such as holding or tapping acupressure points, tracing meridians, rubbing or tapping neurolymphatic reflex points, holding neurovascular points, or circling the hand over certain spots are used to restore enegetic imbalances.

Energy medicine is valuable in that it works on the energy systems in the body which modern medicine has yet to understand.  Progressive medical doctors are already embracing acupuncture, Reiki and EFT.  Energy Medicine is a complement to many traditional medical protocols or treatments.  By restoring the client’s energy balance many modern medical treatments are enhanced.