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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there different prices for different types of sessions?

A. Yes.  Energy Medicine sessions and Energy Psychology sessions are billed the same.  Energy Psychology sessions are one hour and have no intake session.  Wellness Coaching sessions are priced differently.


Q. How much does an Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology session cost?

A. Initial intake sessions are 2 hours long and are billed at $120.00

     90 minute session are billed at $90.00

     One hour sessions are billed at $75.00

     Half hour sessions are billed at $45.00

     Sessions longer than 90 minutes are billed $15.00 per 15 minute increment over 90 minutes.


Q. How much does a Wellness Coaching session cost?

A. Wellness Coaching is done in two hour sessions and is billed at $100.00 per session.

Note: As a way to keep balance in my financial life, I donate 10% of all session fees to one of four worthy causes.  Since we share the energy of the money that you use to pay for sessions I will donate the money to your choice of the following:

1) The Eden Energy Medicine Scholarship Fund to help pay tuition for future practitioners

2) Make-A-Wish Foundation

3) American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

4) Nrg4U Financial Assistance Program – for those needing EEM work but cannot afford it

                              If you do not make a choice, the default is the EEM Scholarship fund.


Q. How long does a session last?

A. Typically 90 minutes but his can vary.  See the Sessions tab.



Q. Do you take Medical Insurance?

A. No.  Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept insurance at this time.


Q. Can I use a credit card to pay?

A. Yes.  We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.


Q. Is there any type of financial aid available?

A. Yes, we offer a limited number of sliding scale payment option for those in need and money saving prepaid gift cards.


Q. Can I give a session as a gift or prepay for a session?

A. Yes, We can provide a gift card so that you can gift a session for someone else or prepay for your own future session(s).  Gift cards are a flat $100.00 and can be used for any length session including the 2 hour, $120.00 initial session. Gift cards must be purchased in advance and cannot be used at the time they are purchased. Unfortunately gift cards are not refundable.  Please understand that for confidentiality reasons and HIPPA rules giving a gift card to another person does not entitle you to any information from Nrg4U concerning the session paid for with that gift card.  Nrg4U cannot disclose if the recipient of the card even booked or attended a session. 


Q. Can Energy Medicine really help my illness?

A. All illnesses have an energetic root.  Energy Medicine is about how the body’s energy system can be assessed and strengthened in gentle, non-invasive ways. Energy patterns act like an invisible blueprint for the physical body and the immune system, as well as for emotional well-being. Keeping these energies flowing and in balance them can have a very beneficial effect on a person’s health. Not only can energy medicine itself bring about better health and allow the body to heal itself, it is compatible and complimentary with any other treatment modality.


Q.  How many Energy Psychology sessions do I need?

A. It depends on the severity and complexity of the issue being worked on.  Very often problems can be resolved in a single session.  For example, fear of heights, anxiety over an upcoming event, and fear of flying can usually be addressed in a single session.  Post traumatic stress disorder issues or long term issues may take several sessions to resolve. 


Q. Are you a gifted healer?

A. You are the only person that can heal you.  Energy Medicine practitioners will evaluate and help you correct energy patterns that are not healthy.  We show you how to keep your energy in balance which allows your body to heal.  You are actually the healer.  Energy Medicine facilitates your body's natural abilities,


Q. How long will it take to help my problem?

A. How long did it take you to get the problem?  There is no easy answer to this question.  Remember that disease is a process and the remedy is also a process. It is possible to start seeing results very quickly but it might take much longer for the problem to go away.  It also depends on how well and how often you do your homework.  Look at it this way.  If over the course of 3 years you put on 100 pounds you wouldn't expect it to go away after one day or one week on a diet.  Would you consider the diet a failure if you lost 1 or 2 pounds in the first week and then a couple of pounds every week after that?  You might, but you would also have to acknowledge that there is progress in a positive direction.  Energy Medicine is about changing energetic habits and habits can take a while to change.


Q. If this stuff really works then why doesn't my doctor know about it?

A. Your doctor is trained to recognize disease symptoms and prescribe pharmaceuticals and surgery to alleviate those symptoms.  Doctors do not routinely receive subtle energy training in medical school.  Subtle energy work challenges the established medical community in many ways and no establishment really likes to be challenged so it is usually easier to dismiss anything outside one's paradigm.  For a good example, look at the world of Physics.  Every day we learn more about the subatomic world, subtle energies and the world of Quantum Physics yet there are still those that do not believe what is being discovered.


It is said that every great movement must experience three stages: ridicule, discussion, and adoption. 

As 2016 comes and goes we hope to move out of the ridicule stage and into the discussion stage.


Q. Do I need to remove clothing for Energy Medicine sessions?

A. Clothing stay on.  Shoes usually need to come off, sometimes socks too.


Q. Do I have to wear anything special?

A. It is best to wear something you are comfortable in.  Not too tight or too loose.  Avoid hair sprays and gels if possible as many techniques involve touching the head and sprays and gels tend to impede that process.


Q. Can I wear jewelry?

A. It's best to keep jewelry to a minimum.


Q. Will I be touched?

A. Practitioners and clients seem to feel more positive results from hands on work.  Human touch is in itself very comforting to most people.  There are alternatives to touching for most of the work if touch is a concern.   Physical contact, even in a healing relationship, can be a sensitive matter because touch can be easily misinterpreted and feel too intimate, uncomfortable, or sexual in nature. Touching in a sexual manner is unethical within a professional healing relationship, illegal, and will never be a part of your treatment. Many of the methods we will use, however, are likely to involve touch. The theory behind such methods is that touching or holding points can assist in identifying and shifting imbalances in your energies. At such times, you would remain fully clothed, with perhaps the exception of your shoes and/or socks. The vast majority of points used are located on the arms and legs although there are some on the torso.  We will always explain ahead of time where you will be touched, and you can let us know if you are comfortable with it or not. We will always honor any requests not to touch.


Q. Are practitioners bound by a code of ethics?

A. Yes.  You can find it here.


Q. Where can I submit an ethics complaint against an EEM practitioner?

A. The first step is to address the complaint with the person that you feel has been unethical.  Communication is key here.  If you ever feel that something is improper for any reason address it immediately.  After that you can file a formal complaint if you feel the issue has not been or will not be resolved.  You can find information to file a formal complaint here.


Q. Can a family member or friend be present during a session?

A. There are pros and cons with the presence of a third party.  There are confidentiality considerations. 

Having a third party in the room affects the energy of the room and may negatively impact the session so generally it is discouraged. A third party may come in at the end of a session to help with homework assignments and may be briefed as directed by the client.  If you are only comfortable with a third party in the room, you may bring a third party as long as they do not negatively affect the session.


Q. Where is your office?

A. Right now, Nrg4U is mobile serving the Central New Jersey area.  We'll come to you until we secure office space. We are actively looking for affordable office space in the Edison/Woodbridge NJ area.


Q. Is this anything like Acupunture?

A. Yes and No.  Many of the techniques used in Energy Medicine use the same points as Acupunture but use finger pressure (Acupressure) instead of needles.  Energy medicine is much more than just Acupoints though as it deals with 9 energy systems instead of just one.


Q. What role do I play?

A. Your role is the most important part.  Energy Medicine is not some type of magic laying on of hands.  For EM to be successful, you need to follow-up your sessions with homework to reinforce the new energetic habits.  The more faithful you are to the homework, the sooner you will see results.


Q. Will Energy Medicine work for pets?

A. Yes, Energy Medicine works for pets as well as humans.


Q. Where can I find more information about Eden Energy Medicine?

A. and see the download page.


Q. Where can I read some case histories?



Q. Where can I find answers to specific health issues?